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Energy Audit

Living in comfort…

  • Lower Utility Bills
  • Troubleshoot Temperature Issues
  • Improve Air Quality
  • Increase Home Value

Home Performance:

SunSpec’s Home Performance Energy Audit combines the benefits of energy efficiency with air quality for an efficient, healthy, comfortable home. We determine if your home is sealed and insulated properly, safely, and economically. Using advanced diagnostic techniques, SunSpec will analyze and troubleshoot your home exposing those hidden “energy drains”, and give you a list of recommended improvements.

SunSpec Home Performance Energy Audit Includes:

  • Site Visit / Infrared Scan: A review of your home’s average energy usage, and assessment of your home’s insulation levels, noting any hidden places where insulation is missing.
  • Blower Door Test: Testing of your home’s air-tightness, to balance energy savings and comfort with air quality and durability.
  • Combustion Safety Testing: Testing of your home’s fuel-burning appliances, to flag any unsafe conditions before the house is made any tighter.
  • Written Report: A safety-oriented list of money-saving recommendations, and an estimate of future savings after recommended upgrades are made.

To learn more about home performance, visit the following web sites, then come back to SunSpec.

Affordable Comfort Institute

Home Performance explained by one of my Instructors, Corbett Lunsford

Comprehensive Audit

SunSpec conducts an exhaustive inspection and evaluation of your home’s comfort and efficiency. You’ll receive a list of money saving recommendations.

Holistic Approach

More than an energy audit, we look at your home as a system. We consider how various improvements will interact, suggesting an optimal order to complete the work.

Improved Air Quality

An efficient home is about more than saving money—it’s about the health of your family, and the durability of your home. Call us for a home performance assessment today: (414) 489-0826.