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Solar Site

Invest in your future…

  • Energy Independence
  • Increased Home Value
  • Environmental Benefits

Solar Energy Consultation:

Living in Wisconsin you may wonder if a solar energy system is a good fit for your energy needs. In many cases, the answer is yes. Find out with a Solar Energy Consultation by SunSpec. This is a site-specific evaluation of your property for feasibility, sizing, estimated cost, benefits, and limitations to installing solar electric power (PV or photovoltaic system).

SunSpec Solar Consultation is FREE OF CHARGE and Includes:

  • Optimized system design based on your energy usage, roof, and shade pattern.
  • Estimated incentives you may qualify for.
  • Cost estimate and monthly payment estimate if financing.
  • Environmental impact estimate.
  • Energy bill savings estimate after going solar.
  • A little-known secret to making solar more affordable.
  • Free LED light bulb package.

Solar Electric (PV)

Solar electric (photovoltaic) technology is a renewable source of energy, and requires very little maintenance. It reduces the need for polluting coal-fired power plants and infrastructure.

Residential & Commercial

SunSpec provides customized energy saving solutions for qualified homeowners and businesses in Southeast Wisconsin. Call us for a Solar Consultation appointment today: (414) 491-3383.