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Solar Site

Invest in your future…

  • Energy Independence
  • Increased Home Value
  • Improve Environment

Solar Site Assessments:

Living in Wisconsin you may wonder if a solar energy system is a good fit for your energy needs. In many cases, the answer is yes. Find out with a Solar Site Assessment by SunSpec. This is an unbiased, site-specific evaluation of your property for feasibility, sizing, estimated cost, benefits, and limitations to installing solar water heating or electric power (PV).

SunSpec Solar Assessment Includes:

  • Shade readings to determine the available solar energy.
  • A load analysis to determine your energy needs.
  • An energy efficiency consultation to help reduce the cost of your system.
  • Photographic documentation and pertinent physical measurements of your property.
  • A review of available technologies to fit your needs.
  • A comprehensive report which may be given to an installer of your choice.

Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water is an investment that will save you money and increase the value and energy independence of your home. It requires a small space, and just 4 hours of sunlight per day.

Solar Electric (PV)

Solar electric (photovoltaic) technology is a renewable source of energy, and requires very little maintenance. It reduces the need for polluting coal-fired power plants and infrastructure.

Residential & Commercial

SunSpec provides customized energy saving solutions for both homeowners and businesses. Call us for a site assessment today: (414) 489-0826.